.Inktober - Week 4.

More info: Inktober
Happy Lake Troll theme: Origin

Inktober 2014 - Week 4

I'll be compiling a small book for these images
when I get the time.
I had a great run with this character.
I really missed him November 1st when I did my daily drawing
and it wasn't him.
Hoping Inktober next year will be just as fruitful!
Congrats to all who made it the whole way through!

.Inktober - Week 1.

More info: Inktober

For this year's Inktober I decided to revolve my drawings around a theme.
The last day of September I asked my husband what I should draw.
He replied, "Lake troll".
Instead of drawing a nasty, mean troll I drew a gentle, sweet one.
He's helpin' out some turtles.
(Pencil original: Lake Troll Sketch )

The next day I was reminded that Inktober was starting.
I decided that I liked the character from the night before so much
that I'd base my Inktober sketches on him.
Every day he'd help out someone new.

Inktober 2014 - Week 1

I figure I'll have enough at the end of the month to make
a tiny book about him.

.Albert.the.Alien. - "Thanks for the Flanx!"

There was a call for fan art for my buddy Gabo's comic he illustrates for. Couldn't resist. Love the comic. 
Gives me Magic School Bus vibes ^_^

I ended up making two. 
One physical painting (done in gouache) that I could send them 
and an animated gif for the website.

"Thanks for the Flanx!"
(Click to enlarge)

Visit their sites! Crazy talented guys.


A little over a year ago I started doing short stories every once 
and awhile on my Instagram account.
(Under the hashtag #dailyStoryBits)
Each day another bit of story would be added.
There'd be no planning behind them.
Just impromptu story/illustration that (ideally) formed a narrative 
of some sort in the end.
I love doing them. They're incredibly fun!
There was a lot of pressure at first to make something
coherent, but eventually that fear went away.
I have trouble writing out stories in words sometimes,
but if I just start drawing them they seem to come together faster.

I thought I'd put together the last 3 I did for a blog post.
They're in order of when I made them.
I also had started using markers seriously for the first time.
(Hopefully there's a noticeable improvement over the course of the three ;P)
They all revolve around mice, totally unintentional.

Dates started:
1st story - 2/28/2013
2nd story - 5/7/2013
3rd story - 2/19/2014




Timber & Ollie
Timber the owl can't get around very easily so on most days Ollie the
 mouse will stop by to read him stories.

Ollie also brings Timber meals for the next day and tucks him in at night. 
Bedtime wouldn't be complete without his favorite blanky and cap.

Timber always looks forward to bath day.

Sometimes Ollie spends the night to protect and keep Timber company. 
Owls are mostly nocturnal, but not Timber. (He's afraid of the dark.)

Ollie stops by with a satchel of food for the next day, like always. 
But Timber is nowhere to be found.

Ollie mourns his fallen friend. 
He gets so lost in his sorrow he becomes oblivious to his surroundings... 

For the first time, Ollie let his guard down. At the worst possible moment.

Yoink! Ollie is relieved to no longer be that snake's lunch, 
but this new situation isn't exactly ideal either...

Down the hatch!

And yet again, Ollie is fast food. His little heart can't take much more of this...

As he contemplated how being eaten will feel, another thought struck him. "That's strange", Ollie pondered. 
"Majority of owls don't hunt during the daytime..."

Home sweet home! 
Timber was finally able to fly thanks to Ollie's meals. 
Best friends save each other!


Beyond Love

She was staring at me. 
And here I was with a face full of cheese bits.

She wouldn't have wanted this...

I loved seeing her happy.

Sometimes she surprised me too.

Nothing ever goes according to plan.

...I missed her too much...

.Art of Personal Work.

I've recently been taking Cory Godbey's "Art of Personal Work" online class.
I chose to illustrate 6 pieces that deal with a story I'm currently working on.
The process went through thumbnails, roughs, and final iterations.
I'll be redoing these at some point as my story has changed slightly 
and I would've liked them to be in traditional media (ink/inkwash) rather than digital. 
(I didn't get my projector on time >_<)

Got lemons, made lemonade ;P

[I've included the process for each piece below the 'Finals' image.]


.Doodle Dumpin'.

Holidays are over.
Things have calmed down.
Here's a giant dump o' doodles!
Judge Dredd fan art
"Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor, 
Volguus Zildrohar, the Traveller has come!"
Ghostbusters fan art
Link/Ganon fan art
Sandman fan art of Delirium

Skylanders fan art of Prism Break

Self-portrait as a Borrower.
A woolly bear mount and pill bug pet
Mega Man fan art
Happy Birthday 25 years old!

Christmas gift for my aunt of one of her birds blinged out


Last week ended up being a Mega Man tribute week
unknowingly but happily.
I'm so glad though because doing these was so much fun!
Sometimes you just gotta do some fan art to ease up

 .Proto Man.
.Mega Man.
.Roll and Rush.


This was the only request I felt like doing last week. 
They wanted a fox peeking out of a bush.


Lately I've been drawing requests
as Daily Doodles.
Really challenges me on the fly
and keeps things interesting.
All the following were requested
mainly from Instagrammers:
(one or two from Twitter/FB)

"A mech snail"

"A creepy clown"

"Sugar gliders"

"A red panda"

"A camel"

"A red fox"

"A stoat"

"A sloth"

"A wolverine"

"A peacock"


.A baby elephant by the sea.

.How to Train Your Dragon fan art.


Two weeks worth of doodles.
November has been crazy.
I've been participating in NaNoWriMo.
Well...sort of :P
I've made it artist friendly.
My goal is to fully write out one of my stories
to get it ready for illustration.
So far, so good!

.Feelin' lucky.

Samus and a worried Metroid

Sea fae riding a drooly-dribblin' crab

.Blacknose sheep.
Google them.
They're too cute to exist

From Neil Gaiman's Sandman

Cutie witch with a derpy bat

.More Bejeweled Beasts.
A Dik-Dik with a rat passenger

A Gerenuk in a turtleneck

Hooded Toucan

A messenger Heron with a dragonfly guide

A silly goose

.Jewelry side projects.
I also make jewelry when I need a break.
I've recently learned how to make tassels.
Go figure, right?
Tasselitis has been flaring up.

dI:.Bejeweled Beasts 3 & Jellyflop!™.:Ib

Unlikely friends on a journey :)


Dapper and decorated

Their horns are so amazing

Honestly, I added too much junk to this one
Might take another go at it

Playing with Adabel's age still.
Almost there :)


On a professional note.
We released Jellyflop!™ this past week.
I did all the art, animation, story, characters, blabla etcetc :P
I'm very proud of it.

If you enjoy cute things or physics puzzlers
You might wanna give it a shot
(Plus it's free on Google Play, iOS coming later)

FREE on Google Play: 


Amazon Kindle Fire: 

Here's the trailer:

dI:.Bejeweled Beasts 2.:Ib

(Too flippin' cute)



.Mongol Gnu.

These next 2 were requests by people on Instagram
(I included their descriptions :P )

(Floppy stylz)
"Oh my goodness! You should do a Jack-a-lope with a Spiny Back Orbweaver Spider making an awesome web!!! + all the crazy cool jewelry you do!!! Maybe give it gauges!"

.holiday bull.
"...you haven't drawn a bull yet so maybe that with the Christmas lights? "

I was working on Adabel's story the other day
and thought I'd sketch her for one of my daily doodles.
She's sad...again...?